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Corner Exhibition Street and Pavilion Street, Pomona, Queensland, Aust. 4568


Steward: Mia Hacker


                 0437 721966

Entry Fee: $10 per item per class.


Classes 1-7  1st $200

People's Choice Award - Ribbon Awarded

Special Award - $250 Voucher from Studio 264

Highly Commended Certificate


Lodging of Entries
Hand delivered entries accompanied by a completed entry form and entry fees will be received in the Squash Courts, Pomona Showgrounds (Exhibition Street Pomona) from 9.30am - 11.30am & 5.30pm - 7pm on Wednesday 4th September 2019, unless previously arranged with the steward.


Collection of entries after the show.

All entries are available for collection from the Squash Courts Pomona Showgrounds, with receipt or proof of identity, from 10am to 12 noon Sunday September 8th, unless previously arranged with the steward. The organisers accept no responsibility for loss or damage. It is recommended that all artists undertake their own insurance. The Show Society reserves the right to substitute Business Vouchers to the same or greater value for any prize.




  1. Oil/Acrylic.

  2. Watercolour/Ink.

  3. Pastel/Pencil/Charcoal.

  4. Digital Art, (can include manipulated photography).

  5. Any other 2D medium.

  6. Any 3D medium.

  7. SPECIAL THEME - Indigenous Languages.





Class 7 – 2019 is declared the International Year of Indigenous languages by the UN. Languages play a crucial role in the daily lives of people not only as a tool for communication, education, social integration and development, but also as a repository for each person’s unique identify, cultural history, traditions and memory. But despite their immense value, languages around the world continue to disappear at an alarming rate. This theme asks the artists to help bring awareness to Indigenous languages, focus is of the artists own choice. Any mediums accepted.


Please note - All entries are subject to the General Show Rules




1.    All decisions regarding the 2019 Noosa Country Show Art 

     Competition will be the responsibility of the Organisers

     and  no further discussion will be entered in to. The

     Steward reserves the right to declare a non-competition

     in any class where insufficient art works are entered into 

     a class.The Steward’s decision is final. All entries must be

     the original work of the exhibitor.

2.   All works must be suitable for general public exhibition.

3.   Works which have been awarded a prize previously,

     anywhere; will not be accepted.

4.   Works must be ready to hang with cord on “D” hooks and

     must not exceed 1.2m width or height.

5.   Title, Medium, Name, Address and phone number of artist

     to be clearly printed on the back of each work.

6.   If the work is for sale, the artist must nominate its price

     and agree to pay the Show Society 25% commission if sold. 7.   Works must be delivered to the Art Steward according to

     the instructions printed above. Late entries will not be


8.   A receipt for each art work will be issued.

9.   Art works must be accompanied by a completed and

     signed entry form.Download the entry form from the


10.  Works must be collected according to the instructions

     above. Art work will not be released without presentation 

     of the receipt.

11.   Prize money can be collected from the Treasurer’s Office

     in the Showgrounds after collection of the art work and 

     the prize certificate. The prize certificate is required for

     collection of the prize.

12.   All reasonable care will be taken of exhibits but the

     Organisers will accept no liability for loss or damage.

13.   The Noosa A.H. & I. Society Inc. reserves the right to

     reproduce any pictures of work in the Press, on TV or on

     electric media.

14.  Exhibitor’s submission of entry implies acceptance of all

     conditions as listed and general Show Conditions.

15.  A signed entry form is evidence of the consent.




Sponsors for Art Competition

Creative Art

Pomona Railway Station Gallery

Pomona & District Community House

Studio 264

Tall Trees Art Inc

Majestic Theatre Pomona

Lyndal Brown

Llew O'Brien MP

The Bee Man

Bendigo Bank - Pomona & Cooroy