​Find us: 


Corner Exhibition Street and Pavilion Street, Pomona, Queensland, Aust. 4568


Steward:  Sherrie Doble

              0427 935 717


Entry Fees: (See each class)      



 1.   Each Exhibitor limited to 2 entries per class.

 2.  All exhibits to be delivered with completed entry forms to    

     Pavilion on Thursday 5th September 2019 

     between 7.30am - 10.30am. Judging starts at 11.00am.

 3.  Paper or foam plates/trays preferred for displaying exhibits. No


 4.  No factory-made goods will be accepted.

 5.  Points for Champion Exhibitor awards as follows:

     In each class, 1st 3 pts, 2nd 2pts, 3rd 1 point.

 6.  All entries to be collected on Sunday 8th September, 2019  

     between 10am - 12.00 noon. If not collected, they will become

     the property of the Noosa  Show Society for disposal.

 7.  No pins allowed in cakes to hold ribbons.

 8.  No artificial leaves or flowers to be used.

 9.  Boards to be covered with icing, paper or material of         


Classes 5-42 (Most points)

The Shirley Clinch Harris Hinds Memorial Award

$200 Sponsored by the Harris Family

plus Sash & Certificate.


Classes 43-53. (Most points)

$30.00 from Cooloola Milk plus Sash & Certificate.

Decorated  Cakes.    

Entry Fee: $4.00 (Classes 1-4)  

Prizes: 1st $20, 2nd $10, 3rd $5 plus Ribbon & Certificate

Champion Decorated Cake.  The Iris Maher Memorial Shield

Voucher from Mountain Stop Cafe plus Sash and Certificate.


 1.  Special Occasion Cake.

 2.  Novelty Cake.

 3.  Decorated cake by a junior under 18 years.

 4.  Sugar Craft. No cake required, any floral or novelty design.

Fruit Cakes.                    

Entry fee: $4.00 (Classes 5-8)

Prizes: 1st $20, 2nd $10, 3rd $5 plus Ribbon & Certificate

Champion Fruit Cake. The Andrea Western Memorial Shield:

$30.00 Voucher from Cooloola Milk plus Sash and Certificate.


  Left plain on top:

 5. Rich Fruit Cake (1/2lb or 250g) Sub Chamber Cake – Winner

    eligible for Zone Finals with a 448gms mixture. The winner then

    goes on to the EKKA for State Awards.

 6. Boiled Fruit Cake, 20 cm cake tin.

 7. Pumpkin Fruit Cake, 20 cm cake tin.

 8. Sultana Cake, 20 cm cake tin.



Sponsor: Cooloola Milk. 

Entry fee: $4.00 (Classes 9-25a) 

Prizes: 1st $15,  2nd $10, 3rd $5 plus Ribbon & Certificate.

Class 12:  Prizes: 1st Nestle Hamper, 2nd $10, 3rd $5 plus Ribbon & Certificate.

Champion Baking Exhibit: $20.00 plus Voucher from Cooloola Milk


& Sash and Certificate.


  9.   Orange Cake, round tin, iced on top.

 10.   Banana Cake, bar tin, iced on top.

 11.    Carrot Cake, bar tin, iced on top.

 12.   Chocolate Cake using specified recipe, Sponsored by Nestle.

 13.   Marble Cake, iced on top only.

 14.   Cornflour Sponge, not iced, joined with fine layer of jam.

 15.   Peach Blossom Cake, round tin, iced.

 16.   Baked Slice, plate of 6.

 17.   Jam Drops, plate of 6.

 18.   Melting Moments, plate of 6.

 19.   ANZAC Biscuits, plate of 6.

 20.   Date Loaf, bar tin.

 21.   Any cake using honey, Sponsored by The Bee Man.

 22.   Plain Scones, plate of 6.

 23.   Pumpkin Scones, plate of 6.

 24.   Gluten free Cake, any variety.

 24a. Vegan Cake- any variety.

 25.   Fudge, any variety, plate of 6.

 25a. Any other cake not mentioned.


Entry fee: $4.00 (Classes 26-29)   

Prizes: 1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $5 plus Ribbons & Certificate.


 26. Bread-Any handmade loaf.

 27. Savoury Bread

 28. Sweet Bread

 29. Damper- any flavour



Entry fee: $4.00 (Classes 30-42)

Prizes: 1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $5 plus Ribbons & Certificates.


Champion Preserve Exhibit. $20.00 From Orange Cafe Pomona plus Sash and Certificate.

Exhibits to be clearly titled. No hats, wax to be removed.


 30. Strawberry jam.

 31.  Fig jam.

 32. Apricot jam.

 33. Any other jam not mentioned.

 34. Jar of Jelly, any variety.

 35. Lemon Butter.

 36. Any other Butter.

 37. Cumquat Marmalade.

 38. Orange Marmalade.

 39. Grapefruit Marmalade.

 40. Marmalade, any other variety.

 41.  Mustard Pickles, any variety.

 42. Chutney, any variety.

Junior Section (Under 18 Yrs)

Sponsor: Cooloola Milk & Nestle.   

Entry fee: $2.00 (Classes 43- 53)  

Prizes: 1st $10 2nd $5 3rd $2 plus Ribbon and Certificate.        

Class 43 Prizes: 1st Nestle Hamper, 2nd $5, 3rd $2 plus Ribbon & Certificate


Champion Junior Exhibit:  $20.00 from Cooloola Milk plus Sash and Certificate.


 43. Chocolate Cake (see recipe as for class 12)

      Sponsored by Nestle

 44. Packet Cake, iced, label to be included.

 45. Patty Cakes, iced, plate of 6.

 46. Pikelets, plate of 6.

 47. Plain scones, plate of 6.

 48. Muffins, plate of 4.

 49. Jam drops, plate of 6.

 50. Chocolate Chip Cookies, plate of 6.

 51.  Baked Slice, plate of 6.

 52. Decorated Arrowroot biscuits, plate of 6.

 53. Any Cake not mentioned.


Entry Fee: $2  (Classes 54 - 63)            

Prizes: 1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $5 plus Ribbon & Certificate.

Entrants Please Note - Please send approx. 100 g of product.


It is at the judge’s discretion to disqualify any entry if below a reasonable standard. Judge may break or cut some entries.


 54. Cheddar Cheese.

 55. Feta Cheese Non-Flavoured.

 56. Stretched Curd Cheese, Mozzarella, Haloumi, Bocconcini.

 57. Soft Unripened Cheese, Cream Cheese, Quark, Ricotta, 


 58. Semi Hard Cheese, Edam, Gouda, Raclette, Tilsit.

 59. Fruit Flavoured Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Pepper or Herb


 60. Any Variety of Buffalo, Goat or Sheep Cheese.

 61. Yoghurt-non-flavoured, Natural Set or Stirred.

 62. Fruit Yoghurt.

 63. Butter- salted.

Sponsored by Kenilworth Country Foods. 

Please Note - All entries are subject to General Show Rules.

Sponsors for Cookery Competition

Harris Family

 The Bee Man

 Mountain Stop Cafe


Cooloola Milk  

Orange Cafe Pomona

Kenilworth Country Foods