​Find us: 


Corner Exhibition Street and Pavilion Street, Pomona, Queensland, Aust. 4568



    Brooke Fehlberg:  0402 757 777


   Entry Methods:

  • In person:

          Location to be advised & dates subject to change.

        10am-1pm Saturday 31st August 2019 or

          9am-5pm Tuesday 3rd September 2019 (subject to


  •  Via post to:

           Attention Photography Stewards.

           Noosa Country Show.

           PO Box 260

           Pomona Qld 4568.

           Please include reply paid postage if return by  mail desired.  

          Otherwise, entries can be picked up on collection day.

  •  By alternate arrangement with Stewards.



   Exhibition Venue:

     The Squash Courts, Pomona Showground.  

     (N.B. Please deliver entries to upstairs room of tennis club)


   Entry Fee

    Adults $2 per entry (18+)

    Junior $1.50 per entry (under 18)



    Adult Division

    1st $100, Ribbon & Certificate

    2nd $20, Ribbon & Certificate

    Highly Commended - Ribbon & Certificate

   Grand Champion - $100 voucher

   Sponsored by - Design On Display, Ribbon & Certificate

   Junior Division 

   1st $20, Ribbon & Certificate

   2nd $5, Ribbon & Certificate

   Highly Commended - Ribbon & Certificate

   Grand Champion - $50 voucher

   Sponsored by - Pomona Newsagency

   People's Choice Award - $100 Voucher

   Sponsored by - The Art Hub Cooroy, Ribbon & Certificate

   Lucky Draw Prize - $100 Voucher

   Sponsored by - Design On Display

   (One chance per photo entered via number generator)



    ADULTS (18+) 

    JUNIOR (under 18)




     Pomona Show is to be showcased ONLY. Has your   photography

    skills at a previous Noosa Show been  captured? Any amazing

    moments? This is an annual  event suited just for this category &  

    competition.   Showcasing your time spent enjoying the event with

    friends, family & even oneself!


   Image depth can be provided through colour & texture of the subject

   "water". You could show us the tranquility of water flowing or how 

   skillfully and creatively you were in capturing the movement of     



  3. FUNGI 

   Can be pictorial &/or documentary. Bringing the diversity of shapes,

   colours and sizes of nature. Beauty and interest is to be found in such

   a  dark moist area. So long as the theme relates to Fungi and is the key

   element of the photograph.





   Any type of insects are welcome! time to show off the subject "insect" at

   its BEST! You can bold with the species or just photograph a small   

  portion. Find the hidden beauty in the insect and try and show the  

  future viewers of your photograph what cannot be seen with the naked






   This category is to inspire you to take a colourful sunrise or sunset in

   one of natures great shows. When the light can be special, subjects

   look  magnificent. Be adventurous even with detail if not just focusing 

   on the sun. Looking for the light at the beginning or end of the day!

   Looking for colour and horizon.

  Exhibiting Requirements

     ***Major changes to entry requirements***

  1. All prints be submitted as just a print only or with a flush backing mount e.g. cardboard or thick paper. NO BOARDERS!! If a mount is used, there must be none sticking out from the sides of the photo.

  2. All entries will be hung with sticky Velcro tabs on the back (we supply & affix for you).

  3. All photographs to be approx. A4 size e.g. 8x12”, 8x10” depending on your camera’s ratio. You can crop image to different proportions for overall effect.

  4. Name of exhibitor should NOT appear on front.

  5. Exhibitors name, contact number, photo title, class & division are to be written on back of the entered mount. It is advised to write these details on another piece of paper or sticker and attach to back to avoid having the imprint coming through to the surface if entering print only.

  6. It is strongly suggested to submit your photos with a piece of paper or fabric between each one and then placed in a folder together with your name and division on the outside.






 All entries are subject to General Show Rules.

  1. Entries must be original work of exhibitor.

  2. All work must be suitable for general viewing.

  3. All exhibits will be judged.

  4. Entry forms must be fully completed and signed by the entrant and be submitted with entry fee.

  5. All reasonable care will be taken but the Show Society will NOT accept liability for loss or damage.

  6. The Stewards reserve the right to reclassify or reject any entries not complying with topics or entry requirements.

  7. Exhibitors agree to permit reproduction of their work for promotional purposes.

  8. Entries & prizes must be collected at the Squash Courts between 10am & 12pm on Sunday 8th September 2019 or by special arrangement with the Stewards. Any postal winnings will be bank deposited.

  9. All prize money/vouchers unclaimed by 30th September 2019 will be forfeited to the Noosa Show Society.

  10. The People’s Choice Award will be awarded on Saturday 7th September 2019 after all votes have been counted. Winner will be made known on collection day.


  Special Printing Offers for Show Entries from Sponsors

​   Harvey Norman Photo Centre - both Gympie & Noosa Stores- are

   offering: 8x12” @ $1.95 and 8x10” @ $1.50.


    LiveLife Pharmacy Cooroy is offering 50% off their usual printing 



   Volunteers Wanted

    The Stewards would appreciate help with set up, pack up and,

     especially, manning the exhibit on show days. Please contact us if you

     can help.

Please Note - All entries are subject to General Show Rules.





Sponsors for Photography Competition

Photography By Davina

Images by Brooke Fehlberg

Pomona Newsagency

Design On Display

The Art Hub Cooroy

Harvey Norman Photo Centre - Gympie

Harvey Norman Photo Centre - Noosa

LiveLife Pharmacy Cooroy