​Find us: 


Corner Exhibition Street and Pavilion Street, Pomona, Queensland, Aust. 4568


Friday 6th September 2019


Steward: Leesa Weatherley

Phone:  07 5485 2331



Entry to Classes: $3.00 each class/entry.


Entries taken on the day, prior to 8.30am. Judging at 9.30am.


Prizes: 1st: $10, 2nd: $5 plus Ribbons and Certificates.

Champion Bird of Show - Poultry Feeder/watering station, Sash & Certificate

Reserve Bird of Show - Bag of Poultry Feed, Sash & Certificate

Sponsored by - Riverina Pty Ltd & Pomona Produce & Pet Supplies



Special Rules:

  1. Entrants to supply own cage (cat cage) to see bird and a water vessel.

  2. Roosters are welcome (please take them home each night before 5pm).

  3. Entry to Showground via Pavilion Street corner gate (near Pavilion).

  4. Birds to be released at 4pm. Winning birds to return the following day (not compulsory) at 9.00am for showing.

  5. ALL chooks must be washed and clean and lice treated, no sick birds will be allowed entry.


  1. Best duck.

  2. Best pure breed large.

  3. Best pure breed bantam.

  4. Biggest chicken.

  5. Fluffiest chicken.

  6. Best decorated chicken.

  7. Most unusual chicken.

  8. The quietest chicken as friendly pet.

  9. Best rooster large.

  10. Best rooster bantam.

Please Note - All entries are subject to General Show Rules





Riverina Pty Ltd

Pomona Produce & Pet Supplies