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Corner Exhibition Street and Pavilion Street, Pomona, Queensland, Aust. 4568


Saturday 7th September 2019

Steward: Janet English


Contact: 0427 046 158

Entries close: 5pm Wednesday 4th September 2019.


Judging: Starts at 8am sharp Saturday 7th September 2019.

All cattle MUST be on the grounds by 6.45am sharp Saturday 7th September 2019. Scanning will commence at 7.00am.

Entry fees: $5 per entry (individual animal or Group) 
Young Judges and Young Handlers Free.

Exhibitors pass (two days) $10


1st $25, 2nd $20, 3rd $10
Ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.
Rosettes for Young Judges and Young Handlers.
Champions & Reserves - Sash & prize money.

Supreme Champions - Sash & prize money.


Judging Divisions: 
Bos Taurus
Bos Indicus


Classes (in each division) 
1.   Male under 12mths.


2.  Male 12mths and under 18mths.
    Junior champion male.
    Reserve junior champion male.


3.  Male 18mths and under 24mths.

4.  Male 24mths and over.
    Senior champion male.
    Reserve senior champion male


5.  Female under 12mths.

6.  Female 12mths and under 18mths.
    Junior champion female.
    Reserve junior champion female.


7.  Female 18mths and under 24mths.

8.  Female 24mths and over.
    Senior champion female.
    Reserve senior champion female.


Supreme Champions
Supreme Champion Male
Supreme Champion Female
Supreme Exhibit of the show


Exhibitors Groups
9.  Exhibitors group.
10. Pair of males.
11.  Pair of females.


Led Steer/heifer
12. Led lightweight steer/heifer < 450kg.
13. Led heavyweight steer/heifer > 450kg.
Champion Led Steer/heifer.


Young Handlers
Judged Friday 2.30pm
14. Under 12 yrs.
15. 12 yrs. and under 15 yrs.
16. 15 yrs. and under 18 yrs.
17. 18 yrs. and under 25 yrs.
18. Novice (open only to Noosa district high students who have not
previously competed).
Champion Young Handler.


Young Judges
Judged Friday 4.30pm
19.  Under 12 yrs.
20. 12 yrs. and under 15 yrs. 
21.  15yrs and under 18yrs. 
22. 18yrs and under 25yrs. 
Champion Young Judge.


  • All entries are subject to general show rules.

  • The age of the animal is to be the actual age as at 1st September 2019.

  • All cattle must be registered in the herd book of their breed society.

  • All animals must be haltered and totally tractable at all times. Bulls over 12 months of age must be led with a nose ring and all other cattle over 6 months must be led with a nose grip or nose ring.

  • All animals must be tied neck strap whilst in

    their stalls.

  • Exhibitor’s group entries must include 3 animals and must consist of both sexes. Animals entered in the Pair of Males and Pair of Females must be owned by the exhibitor.

  • Animals under 12 mths of age may be exhibited with their dam as one unit OR they may compete as an individual in their appropriate classes.

  • All cattle must comply with the health test requirements for Brucellosis and Tuberculosis.

  • Cattle must be tick free to enter the grounds.

  • Prize money given only after the Grand Parade.

  • No late entries accepted.

  • Each exhibit intro must state full particulars of each animal entered. Name in full, sire, dam, herd book number and date of birth.

Please Note - All entries are subject to General Show Rules