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Why is the Noosa Country Show held in Pomona?

Well, firstly because that is where the Showgrounds are located. But why is this so?

One thing that most Noosa-ites don't realise is that when the Noosa Shire Council was established in 1910, Pomona was its administrative centre, and remained so until 1980, when it moved to its current location in Tewantin. The town serviced local timber-getters, dairies and small-cropping farmers.

The original Council premises were constructed in 1911, and these are now used by the Cooroora Historical Society and Noosa Shire Museum (see image below). Really? How many people living outside Pomona have been to the heritage-listed Noosa Shire Museum, or knew that it even existed? More about the Museum can be found at

Our annual Noosa Country Show, held at the Pomona Showgrounds, is an important way of celebrating the district's rural roots every September - it has been a local institution since 1909.

We need more people with us to help it to survive and thrive. If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, a member of the Noosa Show Society, or a very much needed Show volunteer, in the first instance please contact us

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